Chickasha Meet Results (and some older news)

Salutations. I’d like to update everyone on the results from a small meet we hosted over the weekend as well as some older news you might find interesting.

Crossfit Dirty Alley Birthday Meet

Crossfit Dirty Alley hosted a meet small meet over the weekend to celebrate their one year anniversary. Meet results are below.

Chickasha Meet Results

Highlights from the meet include:

Sydney Beard sets new records for the youth 14-15 division, 63kg weight class with a 50kg snatch, a 60kg clean & jerk and a 110kg total. Youth nationals numbers aren’t out yet but this should be good enough for her to qualify.

Andrea Welsh improves her previous records in the masters 75kg class to 31kg snatch, 44kg clean & jerk, 75kg total.

Victor Vargas improves on the clean & jerk record he set earlier this year at state. The new record is a 103kg CJ in the 62kg class for both the senior and junior divisions.

Also, a slight improvement for 62kg masters athlete, Ray Harkness. He matched a previously held snatch record of 61kg but did so at a lower bodyweight.

Timothy Christopher set new records for the youth 16-17 division, 69kg class. 74kg snatch, 100kg clean & jerk, and 174kg total. He, too, looks good to qualify for youth nationals when the numbers are released.

Trent Littlejohn posted a decent total of 152kgs in the youth 14-15, 77kg class. This looks pretty good for youth nationals qualification.

Alex Skipper posts a 260kg total in the 94kg weight class which qualifies him for the American Open later this year in Reno, Nevada.

Crossfit Dirty Alley is a solid facility and we’re looking forward to the talent USAW coach Tyrone Tarbitt will be producing in the future.

2015 Oklahoma State Championships of Weightlifting

Our 4th state championship meet held on July 25th was the biggest and most successful to date.  We had 82 lifters register, four of whom had to pull out last minute.  But the 78 who did lift was by and far our biggest turnout ever.  To accommodate, we were basically forced run this meet on two platforms, a first for Oklahoma.  Assembling the staff for such an undertaking is no simple matter.  Thankfully, we’ve been able to cultivate a dedicated following of individuals passionate about weightlifting who are happy to support the weightlifting community in real and meaningful ways.  What we do would absolutely not be possible without these people.

The meet results can be found here.  An incredible 49 state records were broken (abbreviated list).  Lots of folks hit pretty decent numbers.  Most notably a 160kg snatch by Chris Chaney and a 137kg snatch by Jeremy Rutledge.  We also had a very competitive battle among the 58kg females.  This culminated with the repeated breaking of the CJ state record.  After a back and forth among 3 or 4 ladies, the record was claimed by Gabby Robinson with 84kgs.  This meet was action packed with the only lulls being between sessions.  Thanks to all the lifters for making this the best meet so far.

Big thanks to Aaron O’Neil for hosting at Crossfit 405.  Thanks to the CCS High kids for loading.  And thanks again to the volunteers who gave their time and effort to making this possible.

2015 IWF Masters World Cup

Bobby Sirkis had the busiest week of his life hosting the World Cup followed by the National Championships this past August.  I was lucky enough to be a part of the former.  I lifted in the 94kg weight class taking 6th place.  Also in attendance were fellow Oklahomans Mark Hummel and Walter Warren.  Mark took 2nd place and Walter 1st in their respective divisions and weight classes.  Mark also served as my impromptu coach.  Many thanks, Mark.

2015 USAW National Championships

World Cup ran from Monday to Thursday.  Then Nationals kicked off on Friday and ran till Sunday.  We had two Oklahomans at Nationals in Lee Blanchard and Chris Chaney.  Lee is an up and comer and I expect to see more of him in the future.  Chris did very well this year.  He got 2nd in the snatch with 160kgs and took 5th place overall.  Congratulations to both these guys.  A few new records were set by CJ Cummings, Jared Fleming, Megan Seegert, Jourdan Delacruz, and Mattie Rogers.  Cain Wilkes wrapped up Nationals with an impressive 400+ total. You can find some video of these lifts on ATG.

Looking Ahead

The LWC doesn’t have anything planned at the moment but it is likely we’ll be doing one more meet before the end of the year. The biggest thing coming up now is the IWF World Championships being held in Houston, Texas November 21st-28th. If you are a fan of weightlifting this is your chance to see the best lifters in the world. As I understand, you may be able to use the discount code OKLA for 10% off your tickets with some of this money going to the LWC. This is the big show. If you can make it, you should go. Lastly, the American Open runs from December 3rd to the 6th this year in Reno, Nevada and if you tune in you’ll probably be able to see local lifters Lee Blanchard, Eric Proe, Chris Chaney, and Alex Skipper competing.

You should be up to date now.

2015 State Championships of Weightlifting: Update

As you know, The 2015 Oklahoma State Championships of Weightlifting will be held July, 25th at Crossfit 405.  Eighty-one people have registered for this meet which makes it the largest local meet we’ve ever had.

Such a large meet on what will undoubtedly be a sweltering day has caused us to take a novel approach to the meet format.  This year we will be using dual platforms in order to help the meet run more quickly.  Sessions 1A and 1B will run concurrently, followed by 2A and 2B.  Session 3 will be held on a single platform.  Running a meet of this size on a single platform would easily surpass 15 hours.  With two platforms we can cut this time down to 10 hours from the first weigh-in to the final lift of the meet.

2015 State Start List

We are a small organization.  And, as usual, we depend heavily on the assistance of volunteers.  Those of you with a sense of civic duty, please feel free to follow the below link for a list of volunteer opportunities.  We appreciate any assistance offered and will make it worth your while.


Come out and support your local weightlifters.  Volunteer if you are able.  Pick up a meet t-shirt and check out the local vendors.  Big weight will be hoisted and many state records are in jeopardy.  Don’t miss out.


2015 Oklahoma State Championships of Weightlifting

Just want to give everybody a heads up here:

The 2015 Oklahoma State Championships of Weightlifting will be held July, 25th at Crossfit 405.  All lifters must be active USAW members. All IWF rules apply. State Championships limited to OK residents. Non-residents may be allowed to participate as extras.

Entry is $40 (plus Event Bee fees)
Deadline is July 11th.  Meet is capped at 80 lifters.
Sign-up here:

Youth (17-U)
Senior (all ages)
Master (over 35)

PLEASE NOTE: Regarding divisions, age is calculated by year of birth.  Hence, your “age” is how old you will be THIS YEAR.  So if you are 20 now and have a birthday on December 31st, you are considered to be 21 for registration purposes.

IWF Weight Classes (via USAW).

If you have any questions or require further clarification, please contact me.