2018 Oklahoma State Championships of Weightlifting – Start List & Pertinent Info

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Below you will find the start list for the 2018 Oklahoma State Championships of Weightlifting.

2018 State Start List

As you will see, we are hosting 105 lifters on three platforms over 4 sessions.  This will be the second largest meet in state history, only a few lifters behind the mammoth meet of 2016.

I have received some questions regarding the newly adopted weight classes, which you can view below.


USAW is set to adopt these weight classes for AO3 in September.  Lifters who hit the qualifying totals at a body weight within the new classes will be qualified.  See the press release below:


I hope this clears up any questions and allays any fears.

Lastly, a meet of this size is quite the undertaking.  I implore all fans and lovers of weightlifting to please consider volunteering some of your time to ensure this meet is a success.  If you are willing and able, please contact me at:


or message Ryan Self, Jeremy Rutledge, or the Oklahoma Local Weightlifting Committee on Facebook (which is probably where you found this blog anyway).


Ryan Self

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