2015 State Championships of Weightlifting: Update

As you know, The 2015 Oklahoma State Championships of Weightlifting will be held July, 25th at Crossfit 405.  Eighty-one people have registered for this meet which makes it the largest local meet we’ve ever had.

Such a large meet on what will undoubtedly be a sweltering day has caused us to take a novel approach to the meet format.  This year we will be using dual platforms in order to help the meet run more quickly.  Sessions 1A and 1B will run concurrently, followed by 2A and 2B.  Session 3 will be held on a single platform.  Running a meet of this size on a single platform would easily surpass 15 hours.  With two platforms we can cut this time down to 10 hours from the first weigh-in to the final lift of the meet.

2015 State Start List

We are a small organization.  And, as usual, we depend heavily on the assistance of volunteers.  Those of you with a sense of civic duty, please feel free to follow the below link for a list of volunteer opportunities.  We appreciate any assistance offered and will make it worth your while.


Come out and support your local weightlifters.  Volunteer if you are able.  Pick up a meet t-shirt and check out the local vendors.  Big weight will be hoisted and many state records are in jeopardy.  Don’t miss out.