Seminars, Meets, and More

A few upcoming events need to be on your radar.

First we’ve got the Copperhead Open this Saturday in Van Alstyne, TX. Ryan and I are both competing as open 105 kg lifters. One of our best youth lifters, Eli Young, is also making the trip. The start list looks salty. Cash prizes for Sinclair winners. This should be a good one.

Here’s our session. It’s stacked. Maybe half-a-dozen nationally qualified lifters. Expect to see three or four guys attempt snatches around 130. We got a sneak peak at the event shirts and medals, too, and they’re badass. Spoon is doing some interesting things down there.

Session 4 Start List

After that we’re looking at a rash of seminars in the metro area. USA Stars Oly Coach Steve Miller (USAW Lv. 5) is doing a workshop at CrossFit Koda on Oct. 6th. This is a great opportunity to get some hands-on training from one of the most accomplished Oly coaches in the US, and it’s gonna cost about 1/4th what Burgener charges.

Next is the CrossFit Football certification at CrossFit 405 on October 20th. This baby looks a little pricey at $800 a pop, but it does focus on some particularly useful concepts.

Over this weekend course, participants will be taught the basic movements for training, sprinting, change of direction and agility drills. They will be given information on nutrition, coaching philosophies, and programming for sport specific athletes.”

Eric Barber out of CF Next Gen in Tulsa is putting a nice event together in November: Battle over the Red Lands. He’s been out here several times to compete and sounded really fired-up about this the last time I saw him. It’ll be fun to see what he pulls off here.

In addition to all of this, there are rumors of upcoming Oly seminars at CrossFit Ground Zero in Norman, CrossFit Jenks, and an SCBC Coach’s Clinic at Edmond Memorial all in the next few months. Stay tuned.

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