Haters Gonna Hate

When Oklahoma earns some dubious honor, like falling yet another spot on the national obesity list or winning the teen pregnancy playoffs for the 3rd straight year, it’s all headlines and breaking news. But, when local guys make good in the competitive fitness arena I have to dig like a tweaked-out coal miner to find mention of it. Well, there’s some horn tooting in order and it would appear that yet again it falls to me to shine the light on some local stand-outs.

Item One: Masters’ Nationals, Olympic Weightlifting

This year’s master’s nationals took place on March 30 – April 1 in Savannah, GA. Breck Berry, owner of CrossFit Jenks, qualified for nationals when he lifted at the Exile Open. So, not only did Breck throw his hat in the ring for nationals, but he went down there and won his class (35yrs/77kgs). Way to bring it, Breck. Full results for the 2012 Master’s Nationals can be found here!

Item Two: Collegiate Nationals, Olympic Weightlifting

In that same vein, this year’s collegiate nationals took place on April 13 – 15 in Shreveport, LA. The local club coached by Kyle Pierce was impressive to the point of dominance, but several Oklahoma lifters came out and held their own as well. Most notably, Michelle Willis and Brenden Brown of Metro Weightlifting Club in Norman went down to Shreveport and represented. Bob White is always working to qualify as many lifters as possible for youth and collegiate tournaments and he’s come through with another good crop of athletes this year and, rumor has it, there are several more prospects waiting in the wings down at Metro. The full start list for Collegiate Nationals can be found here.
Item Three: CrossFit Games, North-Central Regional, Chicago, IL

After the open portion of the crossfit games the top athletes from each region are invited to come compete in structured contests to determine who will be invited to compete in the crossfit games this summer. In the north-central regional, Oklahoma athletes have done extremely well. Take a gander at the leader board and then tell me why nobody is talking about this?
2. Justin Allen: Crossfit Bellator (Bixby, OK)
7. Kameron Rousneau: Crossfit OKC
11. Drew Hymer: Crossfit OKC
19. Denver McPhail: Crossfit Jenks
26. Sean Malloy Crossfit Bellator
27. Chad Smith: Next Generation Crossfit (Tulsa)
35. Brad King: Crossfit OKC
38. Alex Gersewski: Crossfit Edmond
45. Bob Cole: Crossfit Bellator

3. Ginny King: Crossfit OKC
10. Christina Merlo: Crossfit Jenks
11. Paige Millspaugh: Crossfit Jenks
13. Mandy Malloy: Crossfit Bellator
T14. Grace Skocik: Crossfit Eclipse (Tulsa, OK)
26. Melissa Dinsmore: Crossfit Bellator
44. Amy Quimby: Crossfit Bellator

3. Crossfit Bellator
5. Crossfit OKC
8. Crossfit Jenks
32 Crossfit Eclipse
36. Team 405 (Crossfit 405)
38. Next Generation Crossfit

Item Four: Figure Competition?

You heard me. Yes, generally the SCBC crew gravitates heavily toward the functional side of things, but we do acknowledge the discipline and dedication it takes to excel as a figure competitor. And when one of our own goes across state lines and dominates in one of the biggest state figure shows in the U.S., it’s worthy of a nod. Especially when it’s this hot.

The Ronnie Coleman Classic 2012 was held in Dallas just a few weeks ago and is a qualifier for pro national events. Doing well at one of these events can punch your ticket to a lucrative career as a fitness model or spokesperson, as well as a pro national competitor. Local athlete and crowd favorite Paige Hathaway came in a very strong 2nd place in her class at the Coleman show and plans to be the first IFBB bikini pro from Oklahoma. There’s a good chance we could see Paige, along with some competitive crossfitters (including yours truly), again at the Oklahoma City Classic coming up this summer.

Full results and photos from the event can be found here.

Paige at the Coleman Classic

So, whenever you’re done browsing this week’s People of Wal-Mart and forwarding that chain email about Oklahoma’s child obesity epidemic, remember there are a LOT of people here that have shattered that mold beyond recognition and gone on to thrive in national and international fitness competitions. And from where we sit, things are just getting started.