Waas Sappening?

What it do?

I want you all to know that I care very much about you.  I will not forsake you.

Things are moving along for Exile Open.  We’re about 4 weeks out and I’m very confident that the meet will be a success.  So far I expect a turnout of at least 30 competitors based on verbal commitments alone (the believable ones).  We’ve secured some quality equipment for the main platform and we traded in our Ivanko bumpers for a couple sets of Wright Rubber to use on the warm-up platforms.  Don’t ask.

The Saturday following Exile Open we are planning to travel to the DFW area for Dutch Lowy’s Black Box Open.  This will be my first meet in some time.  I hope to total somewhere around 250kgs.  This is possible.

Following this we’re going to switch gears and spend about 4 months getting stronger and trying out some Strongman competitions.

Speaking of Strongman, we are beginning to move into the direction of equipment manufacturing.  We’re currently fostering a relationship with a local business.  As it stands we may be offering atlas stones in the near future.  I have not been fully briefed on the issue so this may or may not happen.  Once all the details are ironed out I’ll provide more information.

When I first decided to get the SCBC going, I imagined at some point we would incorporate as a 501(c)3 nonprofit.  Since we’ve been beating around trying to establish some sponsorships for the meet the need for the SCBC to acquire 501(c)3 status has been realized.  It is tough for a couple of nobody’s to get their hands on corporate cash.  Actually, we’ve had a lot of businesses say they would love to throw us some cash, if only we were a nonprofit (read tax write-off).  So I’ve started the process and I hope to have 501(c)3 status by the time we start planning for the Oklahoma State Championships later this year.

As far as the blog goes, I don’t foresee my entries to pick up in the future.  I’ve actually been thinking about switching gears.  It would be a lot easier to make the blog function as a monthly newsletter.  This would probably be much more focused on Olympic lifting with a regional focus rather than just Oklahoma. We’d cover in great detail Oly competitions in the region with an eye on National meets.  This way we could get coaches in the region up to speed with what to do and how to plan for their athletes to succeed at the highest level in the sport.  Maybe some interviews, guest articles and a monthly program.  I’m sure we’d still cover other sports that would fall under heavy athletics.

Lastly, I built a new platform and secured a quality bar. My bumper plates are in pounds but I’ve got a colored kilogram set on the way.  I’ve opened the garage up for training.  If you’re interested or if you just have questions or need some advice, please feel free to contact me [rianselve3-at-yahoo.com] or leave a comment.

That’s what I’m here for.

Captain Ronn

Exile Open

It’s been awhile.  That’s my bad.

I hope everyone made it through the holidays.  I think I have yet to fully recover.  It was a pretty busy December for me.  But I’m past it.

The big news now is the Exile Open Olympic Lifting meet we will be holding at Crossfit Exile in Moore, Oklahoma on February 18th.  We did a little mock meet in December and we plan to hold another this month.  I tried to get some interest in a seminar like this in Tulsa but had no takers.  Stay tuned for a date and time on the mock meet.  It will again be held at Crossfit Exile.

I guess I’ve dropped the ball on keeping an updated calender and “Upcoming Events” post.  Again, my bad.  I’ll see if I can get this deal going again.  To be completely honest, I’ve grown a little bored with the blogging aspect of the SCBC.  I spent most of the last few months of 2011 writing papers for my masters.  I’m really not interested in writing anything at the moment.