Upcoming Events: September

This is what’s coming up for September. Remember this list is not all-inclusive and may be updated throughout the month.  So check it often.

September 3rd: 31 Heroes WOD.  I think this will be held at Crossfit NativeEvent facebook page. 

September 10th:  2011 Central Texas Weightlifting Championships at 210 Crossfit in San Antonio, Texas.  This may not be open to Okies.  We’ve lifted with 210 on a couple previous occasions.  I imagine there will be some pretty salty guys here.  This may make a good weekend trip.  Remember the Alamo.

September 10th:  9-11 Throwdown WOD.  This will be held at Crossfit Exile.  The WOD looks well put together.

September 16th – 18th:  Oklahoma Scottish Festival.  Oklahoma’s premier Highland Games event.  Even if you choose not to compete you should still come out.  It will be a lot of fun.

September 17th:  Kansas State & Open Championships in Olathe, Kansas.  There will also be a USAW referee certification here.  We plan to be there.

September 17th:  Fight Gone Bad 6 at Crossfit OKC.

September 17th:  Major Mike Girdlestone Rugby Tournament. I think this will be at Fort Sill in Lawton, Oklahoma.  It is free.  Follow the link for more info.

September 24th:  Warrior Dash in Tulsa. There’s more stuff like this if you search the Oklahoma Sports and Fitness Link.

September 25th:  Clean Competition at Black Box Strength and Conditioning in Fort Worth.  This is Dutch Lowy’s gym.

September 30th – October 1st: Falls Fest Highlander in Wichita Falls, Texas. This is a NAHA event hosted by Gant Grimes of 70’s Big fame.  I am interested in becoming involved with the NAHA and am looking at putting on such a meet in the next year.

October 8th:  Copperhead Invitational in Van Alstyn, Tx.  We did Lock & Load a few months back.  It is an interesting place to compete to say the least.

October 15th:  Women’s Highland Team Challenge.  Day 1 of Celtober Fest.  This will be put on by Duncan McCallum of the North Texas Heavies in Fort Worth, Texas.  Duncan was a judge in my first Highland meet and a pretty cool guy.  Women’s Team Challenge?  Sounds spectacularly awesome.

October 16th:  Celtober Cowtown Throwdown.  In Fort Wort, too.  Day 2 of Celtober Fest.

October 15th & 16th: NASA Unequipped Nationals in OKC.

October 22nd:  This is it folks.  The Oklahoma State & Open Championships are tentatively scheduled for this day.  I have spoken with Jason Boag of Crossfit OKC and he is on board to host.  We are meeting in the next week to hammer out details.  Everything is looking good so far.  Strike that.  This is on hold indefinitely. And I am not pleased.

October 29th & 30th:  Crossfit Olympic Lifting Cert with Mike Burgener.  At Crossfit Native.

November 5th:  Austin Celtic Festival. This could make for an awesome weekend.  If you can stand all the damn hippies.

November 12th:  2011 Iron Turkey Open at Crossfit KCEntry form.  Space is limited and I don’t know whether it matters if you live in Kansas or not.  This is Coach Rut’s gym.  He’s the guy that came up with the Max Effort Black Box Crossfit template.  One of the first guys to stress the need for strength specific work in addition to the WOD.  Most crossfit gyms are doing something like this now.

To close the year, The Christmas Open will be held in Onaga on December the 31st.

January 21st & 22nd, 2012:  NASA Natural Nationals in OKC, OK.

April 7th:  NASA Oklahoma State Championships in OKC, OK.

August 11th & 12th:  NASA Unequipped and Ultimate Nationals in OKC, OK.

So that’s what we got.  Remember, there is also rugby every Tuesday and Thursday.

As I mentioned, things have begun to fall apart with the Oly meet we were planning.  This is very disappointing to me.  But, we remain undeterred.  We will continue to search for an adequate place to hold this event.

On a personal note, I’m scheduled for an MRI to look at my shoulders.  The Doc seems to think I have a torn rotator cuff in the left.  I think I may take the rest of the year off from competition and focus on rebuilding.  I’m sure there will be plenty of stuff to do next year.


CF Oly KC: Saturday Session at Boag’s Box

Last Saturday the SCBC crew ventured out to one of our area gyms to see what we could see. On today’s menu: CrossFit OKC . . . which is, of course, in Edmond.

Saturday’s are ‘open gym’ at CFOKC. You cross some T’s and dot some I’s and they give you the run of the place. It’s an impressive space with lots of open air. This is a standard warehouse gym: bay doors and big ceilings, and very conducive to Olympic weightlifting with jerk boxes, bumper plates, and five lifting platforms with individual weight sets and squat racks. I took my CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting certification here several years ago under Mike Burgener and Dutch Lowy. Shane Hammon worked here at the time, too. It was a great course and I’ve wanted to get back in here for quite a while. I recognized Cole from the same cert. He was working the front desk today and was kind enough to assist us with our session and pass along some helpful pointers he’s received at the hands of Steve Miller. Cole is a good lifter in his own right and still just a lad. He’ll be a senior next year at Edmond Memorial, which puts him in the hands of one of our favorite area coaches Tom Ward. It’s a small world, after all.

My goals today, as with most weekend workouts, are to work up to heavy singles in both lifts and try to PR on something. And that is exactly what I did.
Ryan, Cole, and Jeremy

We started on the snatch and progressed up to 102 kilo (225 lb) attempts. Ryan was getting great pulls, but having trouble with his foot placement. I think his shoulder injury is preventing him from really committing to his 3rd pull, perhaps subconsciously. I hit 225 on my 2nd attempt and opted for 106.5 kilos (235 lbs) on my final attempt. After a near miss, Cole got me to tweak my 2nd pull a bit and I easily hit the lift on my 2nd attempt. In fact, I almost power snatched it. This is a 15 lb PR for me and I’m confident that I’ll hit 109 kilos (240 lbs) in the very near future. 111 kilos is my goal for Onaga, which is still 5 weeks away.

The transition to clean and jerk felt awkward, but after some piddling and fussing I worked up to another PR attempt of 131.5 kilos (290 lbs). I’ve been working on some postural adjustments in my clean and these final attempts felt pretty good. I cleaned the weight with no problem, took my time, and stuck the jerk. I’m still not happy with my jerk. It’s the weakest part of my game. Ryan’s advice is to create a short pop off the heels to generate bar flexion and “hang” the weight as you drop under. I love this visually, but I have trouble dropping down when I’m near max loads. I need to work on speed and positions in my jerk. Regardless, I’m extremely happy with how the day went and my new total of 238 kilos is only 2 kilos shy of my Onaga goal and 12 kilos shy of my year-end goal.

CrossFit OKC would be a great place to hold a meet and we have plans to do so. We’ll meet with owner Jason Boag next week and keep everyone posted on developments there. The next notch on my belt is to lift with Steve Miller, the most accomplished Olympic coach in the state having mentored Shane Hammon, Chad Vaughn, and an assortment of other impressive lifters. Getting a session in with him is a bucket list item for any serious lifter in the region. We’ll try to keep touring gyms and lifting with area coaches and posting reviews here.  Enjoy the video!
– J