Upcoming Events: June

It has occurred to me that I should do one of these posts at the first of every month.  So I will.

You wanna know where you can go compete?  Well I’ll tell you.

June 18th:  As I understood there would be a Highland Games competition in Stillwater, OK on this day.  I have yet to receive confirmation on that, though.  E-mail here if you are interested.

June 25th: Strongman competition at Crossfit Havoc in Lawton, OK.  Info can be found here.  This is a beginner friendly competition.  If you live near Lawton and are interested you should show up.

Lastly, in conjunction with the Sooner State Games, there will be a powerlifting meet at Crain’s Muscle World in Shawnee, Oklahoma.  Info here.  Thanks to Tristan Solo for the heads up on this.

July 2nd:  Olympic Lifting meet.  Onaga Blast Chance in Onaga, Kansas.  This is a long drive if you live in OKC.

July 9th:  Liberty Open Olympic Weightlifting meet at Wichita Falls Athletic Club.  This is Rippetoe’s gym and we plan on taking a team down.  It’s invitational so you may not get in.

July 16th:  There will be a Strongman competition at Luke Tirey’s gym.  Luke’s gym is in Edmond.  Follow the previous link for directions.  This event will serve as a primer for the Strongman competition we will be having in August.  I will do a detailed post later.  My understanding is that there will be beer and BBQ.

August 6th & 7th:  The NASA World Cup will be held in OKC August 6th and 7th.  See Jeremy’s write-ups on this.

August 20th:  Again, we are planning to host a Strongman competition at Aspen Athletic Club.  I spoke of this earlier.  We got into contact with Matt Baysinger of Back Alley Strength and Conditioning and we are helping him get this thing going.

September 10th:  King’s Champion Highland Games.  I still have had no confirmation that this will be held.  E-mail here if you are interested.

September 16th – 18th:  Oklahoma Scottish Festival.  Oklahoma’s premier Highland Games event.  Even if you choose not to compete you should still come out.  It will be a lot of fun.

To close the year, The Christmas Open will be held in Onaga on the 31st.

I also want to mention that you can go play rugby every Tuesday and Thursday of the week with the OKC Crusaders.  Pretty decent bunch of guys.  Right now they are playing 7’s.  Follow the link for more information.

That’s what we got so far.  Remember to check the find a meet box on the top right of the blog.  I try to focus on meets in or near Oklahoma so you should check for meets outside the state on your own.  There are other things in the works that I have yet to get confirmation or firm dates on.  I think there may be another meet in Van Alstyne later this year.

Also, the SCBC has set into motion plans to begin hosting Oly meets in Oklahoma.  We are very excited.  I’ve managed to assemble some of the best coaches in the state for the furtherance of this goal.  Stay tuned for dates and locations.

Check back next moth.


SCBC Challenge: 40 Day Workout

As many of you know, I have a serious man crush on Dan John.  In my mind he is the quintessential Iron Philosopher (whatever that means, it sounded good).  A lot of my methods are based in his work.

Anyway, the 40 day workout is something he got from Pavel.  I first read about it on T-Nation and I think it is pretty solid.  Basically, you workout everyday for forty days.  The workout consists of a posterior chain movement, an upper body push, an upper body pull, an explosive full body movement and an ab exercise.  The first three exercises are two sets of five repetitions.  The explosive movement is for twenty to fifty reps.  The last is a single set of five.  It could look like this:

Fat bar Deadlift x 5 x 2
Overhead Press x 5 x 2
Weighted Pull-up x 5 x 2
Kettlebell Snatch x 20 – 50
Ab wheel x 5

Working out everyday for forty days will lead many to worry about overtraining.  My personal thoughts on overtraining have been challenged thanks to John Broz (read through this thread) but that is a another post.  The key here is that you never go to failure in a workout.  Actually, you don’t even struggle with a rep.  The weight you choose should be easy for you to lift.  You go up in weight as you feel capable.

I’m not going to into detail on this.  For more information go here, here, and here.

Give it 40 days and let us know how it works out.