What’s going on?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.  It’s been awhile since the last post.  Life has been getting in the way.  Fear not, I am still among you.

On March the 27th I will be at the 5th annual Iron Thistle Scottish Festival and Highland Games.  This is my first Highland competition and I’m pretty excited.  I only stumbled across this yesterday and luckily, the Athletic Director let me in.  I will be posting a writeup on this after it is over.

Also, co-captain Rut Diesel will be competing in the NASA State Championship on April 23rd.  He will also have a writeup after the meet.  There may even be weekly training posts on how he is peaking for the meet.  Entry deadline is April 18th for anyone interested.  It is recommended to all to sign up for this.  I will most likely be competing as well.

Things have been a little crazy lately.  I’m the type of guy that usually heaps far too much on his plate.  I have a few ideas for future posts.  Firstly, we are working on what we are tentatively calling the Four Seasons program.  I won’t go into any detail here other than to say it was inspired by Dan John and is similar to the Building Blocks model as seen in Mark Rippetoe’s Practical Programming.  I also plan to share some personal experience on when to change gears in training.  This is closely related to the Four Season’s approach and methodology.  It is counter productive to keep pounding your head into a wall.  This leads to burnout, or worse, an injury like a herniated disc, which is what happened to me.  That was eight months ago and I’m still struggling.  I’d also like to go over our respective dietary approaches.  I like to IF and Rut favors the Paleo.  I eat a lot of chicken and I am indebted to Richard Nikoley at Free the Animal for helping me make it palatable.  I hate chicken, especially left over chicken because it gets so dry.  As Richard says, when you have to eat a lot of meat it’s all about the sauces.  I recently made a chicken stock and white wine reduction with butter and lemon juice.  I easily ate over a pound of chicken with no complaint.  It was the best chicken I ever had.

So that’s what’s going on.  Booyeah.