Who we are…

I got turned on to the Olympic Lifts a few years ago.  I believe the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk are superb exercises that everyone should be doing (or at least their power and hang variants).  What disappoints me is there are no Olympic Lifting meets in the state of Oklahoma, that I am aware of.  And that is the inspiration for this site.

What we want to do is to raise awareness of Olympic Lifting.  We want coaches, trainers and athletes to know these movement are essential to creating a truly powerful body and they should be included, in some form, to most, if not all, exercise programs.  From here we want to create an outlet where the athlete can truly put his abilities in these lifts to the test in the form of Olympic Lifting meets.

I don’t want to stop there, though.  Highland games, strongman competitions, powerlifting, rugby.  These are also worthy sports and competitions that deserve greater attention.  I want this site to also serve as a clearinghouse of information for these sports in Oklahoma and the region.  I want to provide information on training for these sports and where one might find a place to compete or a team to join.  I hope to get successful Oklahoma athletes and coaches to share their experiences and wisdom so that we all may benefit.

The revolution will not be televised.  It will, however, be available in an online format that you can find here.  At South Central Barbell.