2018 OK State Championships of Weightlifting – Results and Records

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Another successful state meet is in the books.  This year we accommodated near 100 lifters over three platforms at the Cox Convention Center.  Attached below you will find the meet results.

2018 State Scoresheet

This years meet was special as it was the last state meet before the current weight classes are retired and, thus, all state records archived.  37 new records were set in this meet.  These specific records can be found below.

2018 State Meet Records

Please contact me regarding any errors in these results and records.

As always, I’d like to thank all the lifters for coming out and all the volunteers who donated time and/or equipment to help make this possible.

Ryan Self

2018 Oklahoma State Championships of Weightlifting – Start List & Pertinent Info

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Below you will find the start list for the 2018 Oklahoma State Championships of Weightlifting.

2018 State Start List

As you will see, we are hosting 105 lifters on three platforms over 4 sessions.  This will be the second largest meet in state history, only a few lifters behind the mammoth meet of 2016.

I have received some questions regarding the newly adopted weight classes, which you can view below.


USAW is set to adopt these weight classes for AO3 in September.  Lifters who hit the qualifying totals at a body weight within the new classes will be qualified.  See the press release below:


I hope this clears up any questions and allays any fears.

Lastly, a meet of this size is quite the undertaking.  I implore all fans and lovers of weightlifting to please consider volunteering some of your time to ensure this meet is a success.  If you are willing and able, please contact me at:


or message Ryan Self, Jeremy Rutledge, or the Oklahoma Local Weightlifting Committee on Facebook (which is probably where you found this blog anyway).


Ryan Self

2018 Oklahoma State Championships of Weightlifting

The 2018 Oklahoma State Championships of Weightlifting will be held July 14th at the Cox Convention Center.  Start times forthcoming.

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This year the OK LWC is instituting a Novice division.  This division has been created to encourage participation among new lifters.  Registration in this division is limited to those who have never previously competed in a meet.  Those registering in the novice division will still be required to be USAW members.  Registration also requires you declare a weight class and an age division, though these will have no significant bearing on competition.  As a special division, awards will be given to 1st – 3rd by Sinclair total for males and females.

State meet competitors in Youth, Junior, Senior, and Master divisions will still be awarded for 1st – 3rd place for each weight class for males and females.

When declaring Youth (17 and under), Junior (18-20), Senior (all ages), or Master (35 and older), please understand age is calculated by year of birth. Hence, your “age” is how old you will be THIS YEAR. So if you are 20 now and have a birthday on December 31st, you are considered to be 21 for registration purposes.

Weight classes will not be affected by any pending changes by the IWF. Determine your weight class at USAW.  Failure to make weight will be considered a disqualification. Lifters disqualified for failure to make weight may be allowed to lift in the novice division if space is available. Refunds will not be issued for those that fail to make weight.  This may sound harsh, but making weight is part of the competition.  In the past the LWC has been lax in enforcing this aspect but, moving forward this will be strictly enforced.  The state meet is a lot of work to put on and we expect competitors to take this as seriously as we do.

Entry is $50 (plus Eventbrite fees): Tickets

This event is part of the Oklahoma Wellness and Fitness Expo. Spectators will be required to pay an entry fee to the expo organizer. $15 advance tickets/ $20 at the gate: Tickets

2017 Oklahoma State Championships of Weightlifting

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Once again, this year’s State Championships will be held at the Cox Convention Center in conjunction with the Oklahoma Wellness and Fitness Expo on July 8th.

Registration is open and can be accessed here: 2017 State Registration

Registration deadline is June 24th.

Volunteers are much appreciated.  Sign up can be found here: Volunteer

There is an admission fee of $20 for all non-lifters.  Tickets can be purchased for $15 online by June 30th here:  Tickets


2016 Oklahoma State Championships of Weightlifting Results

Another successful state meet in the books.

This year’s meet featured 100 lifters over three platforms at the Cox Convention Center.  Due to the size and complexity of the meet, I was extremely worried going in.  Thanks to our volunteers and growing community support, it was probably the smoothest meet we’ve run so far.


2016 State Results

2016 State Records

Session 1 consisted of male youth and masters.  We had some pretty big lifts from our masters competitors.  I was most impressed with 71 year old Jim Napier’s 81kg snatch.  We had a lot of new faces in the youth division, which is good to see.  Returning youth competitors Murray Soodsma, Trent Littlejohn, Carson Cobb, and Braxton Byrd have shown exceptional improvement.

Session 2 featured our female lifters.  Growth in under 20 female participation has been stagnant with only 4 competitors in this age range.  We are seeing more competitors in the senior and masters divisions.  Again, senior 58kg, 63kg and 69kg are our most competitive female divisions.  Nothing as intense as last year’s battle in the 58kg division, though.  Best performance was, hands down, by newcomer Elam Hunter.  Lifting in the 63kg class, her opening attempts broke the current state records.  She finished with 80/103/183.

Session 3 was senior and junior male.  We had fewer competitors in the heavy range this year.  Most of the action was in the 85kg class with another intense battle between Lee Blanchard’s snatch and Eric Proe’s clean and jerk.  We also got to see some pretty big lifts in the 69kg class from Blake Barnes and 105+kg junior lifter, Nick Shironaka.

They just keep getting bigger and better. Many big lifts.  95 records broken. Thanks to all who competed and those that came in support. Big, big thanks to the volunteers and everyone that donated their equipment.

See ya next year,

Ryan Self