2017 Oklahoma State Championships of Weightlifting

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Once again, this year’s State Championships will be held at the Cox Convention Center in conjunction with the Oklahoma Wellness and Fitness Expo on July 8th.

Registration is open and can be accessed here: 2017 State Registration

Registration deadline is June 24th.

Volunteers are much appreciated.  Sign up can be found here: Volunteer

There is an admission fee of $20 for all non-lifters.  Tickets can be purchased for $15 online by June 30th here:  Tickets


2016 Oklahoma State Championships of Weightlifting Results

Another successful state meet in the books.

This year’s meet featured 100 lifters over three platforms at the Cox Convention Center.  Due to the size and complexity of the meet, I was extremely worried going in.  Thanks to our volunteers and growing community support, it was probably the smoothest meet we’ve run so far.


2016 State Results

2016 State Records

Session 1 consisted of male youth and masters.  We had some pretty big lifts from our masters competitors.  I was most impressed with 71 year old Jim Napier’s 81kg snatch.  We had a lot of new faces in the youth division, which is good to see.  Returning youth competitors Murray Soodsma, Trent Littlejohn, Carson Cobb, and Braxton Byrd have shown exceptional improvement.

Session 2 featured our female lifters.  Growth in under 20 female participation has been stagnant with only 4 competitors in this age range.  We are seeing more competitors in the senior and masters divisions.  Again, senior 58kg, 63kg and 69kg are our most competitive female divisions.  Nothing as intense as last year’s battle in the 58kg division, though.  Best performance was, hands down, by newcomer Elam Hunter.  Lifting in the 63kg class, her opening attempts broke the current state records.  She finished with 80/103/183.

Session 3 was senior and junior male.  We had fewer competitors in the heavy range this year.  Most of the action was in the 85kg class with another intense battle between Lee Blanchard’s snatch and Eric Proe’s clean and jerk.  We also got to see some pretty big lifts in the 69kg class from Blake Barnes and 105+kg junior lifter, Nick Shironaka.

They just keep getting bigger and better. Many big lifts.  95 records broken. Thanks to all who competed and those that came in support. Big, big thanks to the volunteers and everyone that donated their equipment.

See ya next year,

Ryan Self

Oklahoma Weightlifting Committee Elections

So the OK LWC has been hastily forced into an election held by USAW.  We were not consulted at all in this process but it’s happening, regardless.  If you are an active USAW member, you should have gotten an email with a link to the voting website.  If you did not, check your spam folder.  If you still can’t find the email, contact Carissa Gump at usaw@usaweightlifting.com.  The email contains a special voting key so I can’t link you to the website.  You must be given one from USAW.  The election runs from June 15th to June 22nd.

If you do decide to vote, and I encourage you to do so, I hope you will think favorably of me as you evaluate the candidates.

I started Olympic Weightlifting about 7 years ago.  At that time, there were no meets being held in our state and the OK LWC was a defunct organization.  In 2011, Jeremy Rutledge and I took it upon ourselves to revive the organization and foster a thriving weightlifting community in Oklahoma.

Next month we’ll be hosting our 5th State Championships at the Cox Convention Center.  In February, the LWC ran a weightlifting booth in conjunction with the Bart and Nadia Sports Convention for the third year in a row.  Last year we hosted the USAW Junior National Championships at that very same convention.

My role in the LWC thus far has been very detail oriented.  I drafted the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of the organization.  I maintain our state records and archive all meet results.  For our state meets and other larger events I manage virtually all aspects of administration from setting up registration to paying for the trophies and everything in between.

As I look back at where we started from where we are now, I am very pleased with the progress we’ve made.  However, there are still goals I want to accomplish with this organization.  So I would appreciate your continued support for me as the vice-president of the Oklahoma Local Weightlifting Committee.


2016 Oklahoma State Championships of Weightlifting

Greetings.  Now that we’ve all seen Captain America: Civil War, we can begin to look forward to the next epic event of the summer.  The annual State Championship Meet.

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This year’s State Championships will be held at the Cox Convention Center on July 9th in conjunction with the Oklahoma Wellness and Fitness Expo.

You can register here: 2016 State Championships Registration

Once again, we will be needing the help of volunteers to pull this off.  You can sign up to help here: Volunteer Sign up.

The State Championship will follow the same format as last year.  We will have two platforms and run on a very similar schedule to be determined by athlete registration.  However, this year we are adding a new component to the State Meet, the team competition.  This is a bit of an experiment on our part and largely targeted at local Crossfit affiliates.  Teams are not required to be registered USAW clubs but team lifters are required to be members of USAW.  Teams shall consist of 2 men and 2 women for a total of 4 athletes.  There is a cap of 10 total teams in this competition.  Team scores will be calculated by the sum total of each team members Sinclair Total.  The team with the highest combined Sinclair Total shall be the victor.  Please contact me with any questions or issues.

I would also be remiss if I didn’t mention the one thing I’m most excited about.  Air conditioning.